Our strategies

Multi-Strategy Credit

Numen’s flagship funds, Numen Credit Opportunities Fund (Cayman) and HI
Numen Credit Fund (UCITS) are credit-focused multi-strategy absolute
return funds that apply deep fundamental analysis to compelling investment
opportunities across the capital structure.

The funds invest primarily in financials, corporates, and sovereigns with a
keen focus on liquidity. The funds have a European focus but a global

Systematic Macro

HI QuantWave Fund is a systematic macro absolute return strategy that uses
advanced AI and machine learning techniques to invest across most of the
liquid macro asset classes.
The strategy is not static but evolutionary and invests dynamically across
asset classes and styles depending on the market environment.

The fund is a daily liquidity UCITS fund that is statistically uncorrelated to
equities, fixed income, macro hedge funds and CTAs.

Discretionary Macro – Short Rates

HI Numen Bear Rates Fund is a daily liquidity UCITS fund that is designed to
generate positive rates of return in a rising interest rate environment.

The fund maintains a net short exposure mainly via liquid futures in
developed sovereign bond markets, in addition to select exposures to liquid
credit indices and options.

Our UCITS funds are on the Hedge Invest UCITS platform (www.hedgeinvest.it)

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